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Thread: still confused!

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    still confused!

    HI guys, IM new here and searching to learn more, but am reading all kinds of different opinions.
    I can get Anatest prop and also an Eth, but read they are both TEST so why bother using together, Shredz has helped me alot and waiting for more info. BUt also read that some say prop will make me more vascular?
    I am mainly looking for size a good 10lbs plus.
    Am I in the right direction so far?
    not sure if I can get winstrol as Shredz has suggested using with anates but will try.
    also read some using prop only at the end of a cycle.
    and finally as my first cycle am I needing to use clomid or a buddy mentioned hcg ?
    thanks in advance for any help!

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    You can use test prop at the end or the begining of a cycle to kick start it. Using it at the end would be benificial because u can run it 2 weeks past the shot of Enth and then go straight into clomid.
    I would research Eq if your looking for lean gains along w/ some vascularity.
    Winny is a good ending to any cycle IMO but don't run it longer then 6 weeks.
    Yes you'll need clomid post cycle and nolv on hand incase u start getting gyno. HCG is usually used in longer cycles so I'd guess u probably wont' be needing that.
    Enth, Eq, Winny would be a good starter cycle.
    Week 1-10 Enth 250mgs
    Week 1-10 Eq 400mgs
    Week 7-12 Winny 50mgs ed

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