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    Am I Screwed...have Test Question??

    So far i have been running fina @125eod and test enenth. 5002Xwk. Now its week 4 and i am seeing adn feeling the results but here is the problem. Some How there is some Crap or some particles i noticed in my second bottle of test. So im not using it But i have 20 amps of sust. Will the sust kick right in since I have been shooting test for the past 4 weeks. Or is it goingt o take 4 weeks from now for the sust to kick in ?????

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    ok, to start off 125mg EOD is too low of a dosage for fina imo.

    second, 500mg x 2 a week of enth? or do you mean 250x2?

    third, what brand of enth are you using that you don't feel comfortable drawing and injecting with it?

    lastly, the sust is comprised of different esters with different half lives so you won't immediately feel the effects. you will feel the enth for the next week or two due to its longer half life, however i doubt the sust will kick in before it ends unless you do upwards of 750mg/wk injected mon/wed/fri.

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    ok if there is crap in ur second bottle of test eth just filter it if your worried i assume u made your tren so just filter your test, an you should be fine to use it. I would only use the sust if thats your only choice imo

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