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    steriod novice need help with anti-E, added jons stats

    Hello my name is jonathan I am going to be taking my second cycle which will be 500mg test and 400 equipoise for 10 weeks. I want to take a anti E for the whole last 5 weeks of my cycle. my 1st cycle was just 500mg of test for 5 weeks and i had no estrogen problems. thats why i want to take it at last 5 weeks. I would like to take proviron or liquidex or arimidex since they wont alow your roids to turn into estrogen. I need to know how many mg to take and if i should take it everyday or other. please help?

    Jonathans Stats: age:20 HT:5'9 weight:195 measurements chest:43 5/8 quads:25 calves:16 3/8 arms:16 1/4 forearms:14 1/8

    My Brother is also going to be doing 500 mg test en.10 weeks for his first cycle and was woundering if he should run a little anti-e through out or just post cycle? He is thinking of using nolvadex and needs to know how long after the cycle to run it and at what mg? He is 5'9 168 around 12-15% Bf
    and was thinking this would be a good first cycle then he would do the one I am doing now for his second. What do you guys think are we on the right track here? Some pointers would be very much appreciated!
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    You can always tell if you are getting gyno, alot of guys are always a little sceptical which is a good thing but most often times you are just over reacting to a little extra water under the nipples due to aromatization how ever it is better to be safe than sorry. So my advice to you is to stick on the anti e's from the begining of your cycle because it is better to prevent it from happening then to reverse the effects.
    I think that arimidex is the best anti-e for any situation nolva and other products tendn to block your receptor causing your test to be less effective where as arimidex only blocks the aromataze enzyme leaving your receptors free to bind with AAS. Arimidex is expensive but worth it only 1tab a day at 1mg.

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    I'd get some liquidex and run it at 0.5mg ED throughout the cycle til the end of clomid. As for your brother, how old is he and how long has been working out? He could probably put on another 8-10lbs naturally.

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    I'm with the liquidex - you won't regret it!

    As for the gyno, young'un is right on the money.... I actually am one who got gyno (or atleast it started coming on) and lemme tell you bro - YOU WILL KNOW IT! For the first 8 weeks of my cycle I was really paranoid about it...watching my nipples daily, etc. But whew, in week 9 when that shit it HURT! There was ZERO question in my mind what was going on.

    In closing - run liquidex ED @ .5mg and have some nolva on hand just incase your tits start REALLY hurting...

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