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    10Mg Debol Cycle Ed

    Thinking about trying the 10 Mg cycle of dbol . Wanted to ask some questions.

    So I have done alot of reading up on this. Many people hate it and talk of how stupid it is. Some seem to think it works. I just wanted you to tell me if I understand this right?

    1. I won't gain much muscle on 10Mg a day which is why people think that the dose is too low and the cycle is pointless. However, I usually train low volume/hi freq. So my goal is increased strength and recovery. (I have read that the strength gains are good on 10Mg for a first cycle.) From what I understand, protein synthesis speeds up so recovery speeds up and also the muscle is altered (I think the phosphagen system is altered) in a way that leads to increased strength.

    2. I will be doing damge to my liver? I don't think I would do any significant damage to my liver on this particular cycle though. (This is where you tell me that I could do some damage that will come back to haunt me?)

    3. (This is the main thing that is ****ing with my head): 1. Theoretically, 10Mg Ed (for 6 weeks) in the morning may not shut me off completly. However, it may shut me off completly? Either way, I finish the cycle with a Pct (Nolva 40/40/20/20). This Pct may work well and everything is cool or maybe it doesn't work so well and I spend a while lossing strength/muscle as I try to bring my test back up. This is an indivdual thing so my body either shuts down completly or it doesn't. The only way I will know is to try it? If I don't get shut off too bad or my Pct goes well then everything is good, I keep the strength I got, and I'm done.

    However: 4. A cycle with test is better so my cycle isn't as good as it could be. My response is that test seems to be more expensive with the Pct and Hcg . I could afford the cycle but if I get ripped off then I am done with it.

    That is basically what I know. I would add that I have not decided what I am going to do and I may go with test only. So I wanted top ask one more question. Getting shut down is what really messed with my head. I understand that you do Pct but what I don't understand is why it doesnt't work sometimes. Is it random or is it just a matter of keeping you balls alive with Hcg? I wouldn't use Hcg on a 6 week Dbol cycle at 10Mg Ed.
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    IMO there is no real point doing 10mg a day, too small dose for any benefit at all! Not even strength! Your better off doing test, or if u can't afford it, u shouldn't do a cycle anyway, gain more knowledge on diet an use what money u have on decent food bro! Hope that helps! Not many newbies understand the power of food alone when used correctly

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    you can get ripped off buying test or d-bols. you need pct for either.

    As to question #3 you are correct. It may shut you down, it may not. You may recover you may not. To me this risk + $ vs the reward even if everything goes perfectly isnt worth it.
    If people can't tell your on steroids then your doing them wrong

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    It won't shut you down (it'll prob just suppress you a bit).
    But it's just pointless. Any small boost in performance won't be worth the legal risk and hassle of acquiring illegal steroids .
    You're better off with creatine.

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    I agree with the others doing a cycle of dbol only regardless of dose is pretty much pointless. Your right about what you said with dbol increasing protein synthesis. How it does this in simple terms is thru water retention. Dbol was engineered strictly for increasing strength at a very fast pace. The drug is amazing and works extremely fast I can testify to this since I am currently on a dbol, test, and deca cycle. However with the stronger the drug works the harder it is on your body. The problem with a dbol only cycle is that once you go off it theres no way to mimic that level of water retention so you end up losing ALOT of what you gained no matter how good your pct. You would need to add at least test to allow for the gains you make while on cycle to harden up so thusly you can actually retain some of the gains with proper pct. You however should not do a stacked cycle. Firstly I dont think you would even want those types of results and secondly its much to harsh for your body as a beginner. All the vets that commented before me always ask for stats.before they give since they gave advice Im assuming all that has already been discussed previously. If not please list so we can advise you even more efficiently. Anyway I wouldnt recommend a dbol only cycle to anyone regardless of stats and experience.
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    710 10mgs a day......

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