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    Fina/DMSO Question

    Hey bro's,

    I'm planning on using DMSO to absorb the fina. Do you use the liquid or gel DMSO? How do you mix it?

    Thanks a million!

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    I'll go ahead and say this now... dont waste your time, money or sent or DMSO. Its crap compared to a $25 kit. Injectable is the only way to go.

    That being said if you are set on using DMSO I would use the gel just for sake of ease. It makes no difference between the gel and liquid. I used to crush the tabs in a spoon and add a mix of 50% water and 50% dmso to the crushed tabs. Then apply it to some part of your body like your quads or abs. Wrap the area in saran wrap for about 30 minutes and prepare to smell like hell all day. Dont worry, you probably wont be able to smell it but I assure you EVERYONE else will....

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    How about this... I take your money, you bend over, I give you a steel-toed shot into the nuts, and we call it a day. Sound good?

    Sorry, as you can see I am not an avid fan of DMSO. Get gel as Boxer101 says. Atleast it is better than the people swallowing the pellets...

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    I read on another board yesterday about a bro who was using his fina pellets like Copenhagen! Put a few pellets between your lip and gum and let it rip! I still think that if you're not going to inject it for whatever reason, you should use the suppository method. (J/K- don't try this. I know someone out there just raised his eyebrow at this idea!)


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    Wait a minute, but my cattle LOVE the suppositories!


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