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    Thinking about Albuterol after PCT, have some questions.

    I am thinking about taking some Albuterol a couple of weeks after PCT. I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask and please be helpful. I have done some research and decided to go with Albuterol instead of Clen . I have never takin either and with what seems to be less side effects I choose Albuterol.

    Now, I suppose I run 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off with Albuterol as you would with Clen? Should I try one cycle of just Albut and then go a little longer the next cycle with Keto? I will start with 4mg liquid the first day then up it to 8mg the second day and then 12mg until when? Do I step it down like you would Clen? If yes, do I start the step down on day 13 and dose 8mg and then 4mg on day 14?

    Diet? Good hign protein with limited carbs and fat? Do I drop 500 cals as I would on a cut diet with out Albut?

    My workouts are in the afternoon around 5:30pm and Saturday about 8am, when should I take the doses? Should I start doing moring fasted cardio?

    I would still work out 3 days and week and do cardio 3 days? Cardio would be jogging on Tue and Thur then oliptical on Sat at the gym.

    Should my workouts be intense or enough to get blood flowing and limit muscle loss?

    Any help would be great, I still have 6 weeks before I start PCT.

    Sorry for all the confusion I am trying to get all my questions in one post.

    Start of Sust Cycle 191lb
    To date 208lb


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    Did some more research and I am going to run it for 3 weeks and one week off 3 different cycles. 12mg/day no I just need to figure out how that works on the marks of the syringe.

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