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Thread: cycle???

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    Lightbulb cycle???

    I plan on doing a cycle of Deca 200 and just wanted to see what yall think on how much i should do a week and for how long? Also do you think it would be ok to smoke weed once a day while on the cycle to help with the food intake?

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    How old are you and how many cycles have you done?

    Bro if your pron to progesterone gyno weed and deca wouldn't be a good combo.


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    Whenever I see a post like that I usually think in my head "OMG its another 17 year old kid that wants to get big quick and doesnt know the first thing about AAS" I am not flaming, but I am just sayin what I think. I am only 19 but I am still all natural...tryin to learn as much as I can before I start. Anyways for your question, you should stack deca with something else like Test400. Dont smoke weed while on a cycle or while off...

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