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    Talking Just got gear!!!

    I just got 10 shots of omnadren . really excited, this is going to be my first cycle of AS.

    any suggestions on how to dose this with my stats/experience?

    I'm 6'3'' 220lb about 19% bf

    i know most of you would say to stack more shit with it, but i'm not looking to do that.

    my eatting habits are great, and i work at a GNC, so supplements are not a problem.

    how often should i take nolvadex , and when/how much, clomid shoud i take when i'm done.

    i know this is a lot, but if you pull up a search, you get a million different many to choose from.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    I think you would be much more happy if you stacked it with lets say dbol and deca or EQ. And you'll also need to get some more omnadren . I on the other hand would like to see you cut down the bf% a lil before you start though. At 220 lbs and 19%bf your carrying 40lbs of fat on you. Maybe cut 15lbs first. This will also force you to learn about nutrition. A pretty popular first cycle would be
    I would use EQ of deca but that just me.
    EQ 1-10 400mg-600mg week split into 2 shots
    omnadren 1-11 500mg-750mg week split into 3 shots a week
    dbol 1-5 25mg day

    start clomid 3 weeks after EQ and have nolva on hand if you fee like you need to...Goodluck

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    10 amps of omna won't give you results you will need at least 20, and i would recommend 30 if you are running sust alone to get 750mg/wk.

    you won't need any supps other than protein and some others like flax, milk thistle, ALA, or some multivitamins.

    as far as what you said, if you are 6'3 220 and 19% bf you definitely can't say you have great nutrition bro. i definitely agree that you should cut at least 5% bf down before you think of juicing here...better and more permanent results, plus you will have a better base.

    if you are strict with diet and do cardio 3-5x's a week you will not only feel and look better but really know in your head that juice is for you.

    take yourself to your limits before doing this cycle because 90% of the bros here wish they either had stacked for their first cycle or were in better shape when they did it. just food for thought.
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