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    Is this a viable second cycle

    Ok im working out my second cycle, I'm obviously no expert so I'd appreciate it
    If I'm not slated by any experienced users, based on my research (again I'm no scientist) I think the following cycle seems good;
    Week 1-12. Test E. 500mg per week
    Week 1-4. D-Bol 40mg per day
    Week 9-12. Anavar 50mg per day
    Good solid PCT and Hcg twice a week from week 4 and solid clean diet.
    My idea is d Bol to kick start basic cycle, was effective last cycle. Towards end of cycle once my gains have tapered out, I would hope the var would decrease body fat for clean ripped look. Is this theory sound or a pipe dream. Advice?

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    no its not good.
    you have no ai
    4 weeks of var at 50mg isnt going to do much
    and var isnt going to lower your bf
    If people can't tell your on steroids then your doing them wrong

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    Results will depend on your training, nutrition, and recovery, not a pipe dream though. Keep everything up to par. Run an AI. Remember, Test decreases adipose tissue while increasing LBM just as well as the next androgen. Good luck.

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    I found that the best way to get that "dry" look is to watch your diet throughout your cycle. IMO I don't think your cycle's too bad. I took 100mg/ed var for 4 weeks. I personally don't think var's necessary if your diet's clean. Var sure is expensive and I don't think the gains are worth the costs. I would get some adex on hand just in case you run into trouble with gyno. I always PCT with both clomid and nolvadex . Good luck.

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    Putting the var at the end it cut bf is a "pipe dream" as you put it.

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