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    1st cycle should I end with winny??

    Here's my cycleMy 1st)
    Week#1- 400mg Deca & 25 mg dbol ed
    Week#2-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo(Galenika/YU)&30mg Dbol ed
    Week#3-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo & 30mg Dbol ed
    Week#4-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo & 30 mg Dbol ed
    Week#5-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo & 30 mg Dbol Ed
    Week#6-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo
    Week#7-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo
    Week#8-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo
    Week#9-300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo
    Week#10300mg Deca & 500 Test Depo

    Clomid starting week 13--300,100,50 and the Nolva is finally on hand
    At the start 4/4/2003 I was 152.4 lbs and 3.8% (15mm) BF & 4.1 in water.

    I was 168.6 yesturday at the gym. Thtas up about 16 lbs in the last few weeks. But I can't really tell. Strength gains are up but not huge by any means.

    I was talking to a buddy yesturday and he said that it might be benificial to add winny at the end of my cycle. He was telling me that it would really solidify the gains. Do you guys think that if will be benificial/necessary. If so how do you think that I should restructure my cycle?? When to strat the clomid if you guys think I should end with winny??

    Please keep in mind that this is my 1st cycle and I am doing more than I normally would've liked.

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    cycle looks fine. if you want to cut up a bit after and solidify your gains i would add some winny 50mg/eod and some eq at 300mg/w for an additional 4 weeks

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    damn bro, 4.1 % body fat? Winny does great things to people with low bf. I say go for it the last 5 weeks at 50mg ed.

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    4.1% body fat..I HATE YOU..
    go with the winny..

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    no need

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    Okay, I would bump the Deca to 400mg/week and run [email protected]/day right from the start. Test looks fine. Winny would be a great addition if you have the money. I personally love it, hardens you up nicely. I would run it from weeks 8-13 since deca will take 3 weeks to clear. Forget EQ though, you already are using Deca and running EQ for only 4 weeks would be a waste.

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