About Myself:

Weight: 230 (currently on EC stack and looking to cut to 220ish)
Lifting Experience: 3 years
Bench: 315x3

On Cycle

Test e - 500mg/week (weeks 1-12)

Dianabol 20mg/day (weeks 1-4) (I was thinking 20-50mg here, one of my buds splits his pills and I believe his is 40mg)

Should I run 10-20mg of Nolva for gyno prevention on cycle? I am leaning towards running an AI because I want to make sure I don't get gyno. I know I could run letro if I got it (worst case scenario), but I'd rather run the letro .25mg per day or less for prevention. I just don't know if I should run those on cycle or not, it seems like I've seen people do it both ways.


Would start 1.5-2 weeks after last pin

Nolva 40/40/30/20/20/10 (weeks 15-19) I know it's a longer and stronger PCT but I obviously want to rebound as fast as possible. I basically ran this when I ran my first prohormone cycle about a year ago. It worked perfectly, besides a little low libido.


Clomid (300mg on day 1) 150/100/100/100 + Nolva 30/30/20/20 + .25mg letro (Basically beefed up Pheendo's PCT here, thanks brah)

I'm not sure what I should run for gyno prevention - Exemestane, letro, arimidex ? I know letro is the strongest and kills your libido, but I just want to make sure I have something strong enough lolz

Additional Supps

Creatine mono (PCT)
D-aspartic acid (PCT)
fish oil (throughout)
+good recommendations or other random chit I have around