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    questions questions....

    1. arimidex .

    how much does arimidex sell for? how many mg's? lets say u have 1 mg tabs but u want to take .5 mgs do u have to break those tabs in half?

    2. colmid.

    how much will it cost to get enough colmid for post cycle therpy? and at how many mg's per tab is that?

    3. SINCE THEESE ARE NOT STEROIDS ... WHERE CAN I GET THE FOLLOWING? sites i can order it off? pm me if you have sources. i have not started my cycle and im not going to start untill i have some colmid nolva and arimidex i also want to order saw palmetto and nizoral. LOL IM A SAFE FREAK DONT MIND ME. i know u guys are thinkin wtf nolva and arimidex will effect ur gains etc etc... but im not doing a bulking cycle im just doing a sus eq and maybe winstrol cycle. (10 weeks) 500 mg sus.. 400 mg eq. wanna get some lean mass bout enoughsize from the sus. arms are already 18' might be around 19 on cycle or maybe 20 if i hit em hard i love arimidex for both reasons bloat and stoping gyno. and i cant go on without it lol. i like to stay lean vascular and hard with enough size like i always am.

    anyone have answers for me ???

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    1. arimidex is generally pretty pricy depending on who you get it from....i have seen L-dex go for around $2-3/mg....

    2. you will need 36 clomid pills for post cycle recovery...this ranges from $10-50, once again depending on who you know...

    3. Asking for a source (even with ancilleries) is not mods/vets/etc...

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