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    ý would be pleased if some VETS respond my it is;consider if ý faced with gyno symptoms while making the cycle what would u suggest?do ý have to start provýrion immediately or get start from the beginnig of cycle?WHAT CAN I DO INORDERTO GET RÝD OF THESE GYNO STUFF?THANKS GUYS FROM NOW ON GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good question. Glad that you're concerned about this issue, as, alot of guys don't give a shit about side effects. I'm new to these boards but have been on other boards as a vet.
    I always use Clomid throughout the cycle. This drug will help the aromatization that occurs while using steroids , namely testosterones. Use 50mgs. every other day while "on". If you don't have this awesome drug, get it before your cycle! Also, have on hand a good anti-estrogen like Nolvadex and at the first sign of gyno(itchy, sore, or numb nipples) take 20mgs. per day until it clears up. Don't get paranoid and look for signs too often--like after a good chest workout. Not all steroids cause gyno so, you have to do some research and decide what's best for you. Remember, some steroids like testosterone cause some of the side effects you've probably heard. Drugs of little or no aromatization(conversion of test to estrogen or other hormones) don't give as much gain, short term. The highly anabolic steroid known as Deca Durabolin comes to mind. Compare this drug with Sustanon 250. Deca works but not as much as good ole' Sus. Hoped this helped.

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    Clomid is a synthetic estrogen and is normally taken at the end of a cycle to help raise test levels it can be used in a cycle as an anti estrogen but it is a very weak one and whilst it may help some people I think if you are prone to suffering from gyno either from AAS or naturally it may not help that much.Nolvadex is a good choice but you could run with Arimdex or Proviron throughout your cycle


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