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    First cycle - final prep stats and pics

    sup guys, just got on to this forum, been a member at another forum, lets not name names here but it seemed like there was a lot of product pushing.....anyone posts a cycle
    and the pct
    would always consist of their sponsor products...for EVERY DAY THING. it had their sponsors involved..not saying the products dont work, i havent tried but just felt like I was being pushed into buying something so Im forum hopping to get more info...

    Stats - 22 years old ( been training for 4.5 years )

    170 lbs 10% (although Im told I look heavier, you can judge from picture )

    pr lifts
    bench - 315
    squats - 425 before injury
    dl - 475 / 485 (hitched back)

    This will be my FIRST cycle of any sort, havent touched anything other than your basic supps..

    12 week test e cycle
    test e - 12 weeks 500 mg ( Monday morning and Thursday night) No kicker just wanna see how things react !

    - 12.5mg EOD. will bump to 25 EOD if I start to notice gyno
    (thought about keeping letro on hand but I came to the conclusion I probably wouldnt need it for a mild cycle like this )

    PCT -weeks 14- 17 ( this is the thing with prodcut pushing....) I personaly wanna run something like this
    DAA 3 grams a day
    a natty test bosster cause I got one for free, have it lying around..
    (maybe aromasin again here ? )

    I was told to do :
    PCT -
    clomid 25/25/25/25
    post cycle/unleashed
    Forma stanzol ( an ai product of some sort)

    was also told to run HCgenerate on cycle ?

    Questions : Would I need HCG
    or even HCgenerate for this cycle ?
    -- is PCT # 1 sufficient, thoughts on continuing aromasin throughout PCT ( for PCT #1 )
    -- is PCT #2 more effective in restoring everything ?
    -- would you add anything, to this or any suggestions..

    Apreech !

    here are some pictures -
    - - h t t p :// (halfwway though cut) (few months old)

    h t t p :// (few months old)

    h t t p :// ( more recent but still a bit old lol, mirin delts brah )

    Cant find any RECENT pics on comp, theyre all on phone but ive cut bf down drastically which explains the low weight -.-, PLUS knee injury had me lose some srs mass from legs but I do believe im ready for AAS, lets not start a youre too young for this. thanks for your input bros.

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    A few things going on here, but if i were you, i would forgo the laundry list of supps.

    Basically this boils down to a standard beginners cycle with standard pct protocols. Dial in your diet and youre gtg.

    wk 1-12 500mg test e 2/wk @ 250mg
    wk 1-12 aromisin 12.5mg eod

    wk 3-14.5 hCG 250iu 2/wk

    wk 15-19 pct

    clomid 75/50/50/50
    nolva 40/40/20/20

    Hope you stick around Joe. Hate to see have to hop around any further. This is the spot you'll find home if you give it a chance.

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