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    Post-injection pain

    Hey all:

    Doing my first cycle with my workout partner. Did our inital injection of test and EQ on Tuesday with a 22G 1" pin in the glute (I know we should use a 1.5 inch, but we are both pretty lean).

    Two days later, I still have some minor soreness at the injection site. My partner has what sounds like more pain than me - he said its like a charley horse in the right cheek area and it goes up as far as his tail bone. (Mine is really concentrated just at a 1 inch diamiter of the injection site). His job also requires him to be on his feet, walking all day (mailman) - so my question - is the amount of discomfort he is experiencing normal? I realize everyone takes to injections differently I guess we are wondering at what point should we be concerned....we are due to inject again tomorrow.

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    i think almost everyone has gone through that at one time or another..

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    The only advice I can offer is keep the needle still once you penetrate, warm it up prior to injection and inject slowly, withdraw quickly, and always use clean new needles and alcohol pads to clean site. most test and eq are not particularly known to cause a lot of pain.

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    I agree with innervision on this one. Sometimes it gets pretty hard to jab, aspirate , and inject, all while trying to hold the syringe steady. The extra movement that sometimes occurs will create scar tissue and thats what might be causing your pain. That site may be a little sore for a couple days. Always make sure you practice sterile injecting procedures, i.e., clensing all sites as well as the top of your vials.

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    Is it ok to withdraw and inject deca and test at the same time???

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    Originally posted by Mighty Max
    Is it ok to withdraw and inject deca and test at the same time???
    Its fine as long as both are oil based.

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    After the injection I always massage the area for awhile. It seems to help.

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    NO PAIN NO GAIN BROTHER! Next time try to use a 23 g or even a 25 g if it will pass through the pin. B4 injecting take a hot shower and have the gear ready for when u get out. Draw the fluid into the syringe and run the syringe under hot water for a few sec till the fluid gets nice and warm. Proceed with your injeciton. Afterwards message the injection site for a mintue or two and you should have no problems what so ever!

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