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    CYCLEON Guest

    Angry AHHHHHHH - i just posted about 30 times on the old board!

    darn it - had it in my favorite links and was trying to help mike - wondered why no one ws answering

    oh well - this is a great improvement mike!!

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    pureanger is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2001
    Back from Hell
    Dont feel bad I did the same thing I was wondering why it seemed like I was the only one there

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    Mike Guest
    LOL oh shit - I have no idea why we still have that one up - sorry brother - but good to know it was buried in your bookmarks

    Thanks for coming over - welcome to the board and good to have you and look forward to watching you contribute

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    CYCLEON Guest
    dohhhh... ah well at least i found the right one now - thts good tho cause i was thinking, dang, mike - u needed some serious help, i was hearing the crickets over there! LOL

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    Mike Guest
    LOL yeah did ya have to wipe the dust off the submit new thread button? Anyway....that's one strike......don't make another mistake

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