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    T-400 cycle help!

    This will be my third cycle and I need some advice. First cycle kept 12 of 18 lbs.
    Wk 1-10 t400 400mg. second cycle: wk 1-8 ** cyp. 500 mg.
    wk1-10 deca 200 mg. wk 1-8 Deca 300 mg.
    wk 1-4 dbol 30 mg. wk 1-4 dbol 40 mg.

    My second cycle had no gains except from dbol. My cyp was way underdosed so I stopped it @ 8 weeks.
    I want to keep my third one simple so I was thinking of :
    wk1- 12 600 mg. T400
    wk1-12 450 mg qv deca
    wk 1-4 40 mg. dbol or anavar
    mostly for bulk not concerned about water ret. should I up the doses?
    I have been off gear for 8 mo.
    5-7 , 28 yrs, 8.8% bf @165 Needhelp!
    Anyone use 800 mg of T400?

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    since you've already taken it before, you know that t400 burns. No need to go to 800mg for you 3rd cycle, 500-600mg would be fine. I'd do the dbol if you're into bulking. Much cheaper and faster results compared to the anavar .

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    Rude, how was the T400, I will be starting my stack with that tomorrow, what were the visual sides...

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