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    what would happen if...

    ok heres the deal, the clomid has brought me back to life, my nuts r fine etc. anyway i want to start another cycle in 2 or 3 weeks for the summer months. i just finshed my clomid and i was wondering if this is a good idea or not, and if so whats the best way to do this??

    thanks bros

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    i do know a there are some guys using right after a cycle but they won't use the same go straight to a cutting cycle after a big mass cycle.. winny and tren at light doses. although most guys on here will probably tell u to wait time on = time off. i suggest you plan a longer cycle next time..wait

    good luck


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    Time on =s time off, bro. You have to let your body recover properly.

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    In simplified terms: You will mess yourself up chemically if you don't allow your body to recover off-cycle. The best approach is "time on = time off," which you've already read a few times before you reached my post.

    Don't be impatient, bro. You'll only end up damaging yourself. Although Viagra and Cialis (once it's released in the US) is fun to use to make a lasting impression here and there, having to rely on medication after messing up your body chemistry is not that appealing.
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    Hey bro, don't measure recovery by the size of your nuts.
    After my first cycle, my testicles were back to normal size before clomid was over. Blood tests on a 3wk frequency showed it took 4 months for full recovery. Never has taken me that long to recover since but it goes to show how important it is to get some blood work done

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    Another issue is that even when I was recovered from my Test/Fina cycle, two months after I got gyno signs and had to hit up the nolva you never really know if you are fully recovered.

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