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    Did the lab monkey screw up my clen pills?

    I have a few good sources for clen , at least, I assume they are mostly good. But there were a few instances during my last cycle that made me wonder if some of the pills had been incorrectly dosed, or swapped with another drug. Is this common?

    The first time was from pills out of a 10-strip. I took my usual dose and within an hour, felt like I was on lasix! My throat was so parched it hurt to talk, my whole mouth was dry, and my face looked tight and drawn. People even commented and said I looked really dehydrated.

    I had some more that were sold as loose pills, and I took the same dose every day. On some days I felt the typical shakes and increased heart rate, and on other days, nothing.

    Just wondering if pills are easy to screw up and underdose the way oils are.

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    I had that happen once Dbol and nova were the same color caps.But turned out to be all Dbol.I dont use that source no more.

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    female friend of mine also incountered this actually gained weight.had to be wrong pills

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    Best way to tell if clen is working is to take your tempature. It should increase 1/2 to 1 degree whille on. Also look at your heart rate, it should increase as well.

    Not to mention, if your lab has monkeys working they maybe under feed bannanas and be noting working right.

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    The source of clen is really important. You're taking mcg's (millionth of a gram) of clen. A 00 capsule normally weights about 650mg when fully stuffed with "stuff". If you're taking a 40mcg clen capsule only about 0.06% of that capsule, by weight, is clen. That's only a teeny tiny amount of clen per capsule. If the manufacturing process isn't strict, you have some caps/pills with clen, some without clen, some with little clen, and some with too much clen. Make sure you trust your source.

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