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    Ventro Glute Injection

    Couple questions about this quick. Would like to throw this into the glute, quad, pec rotation.

    How big is the injectable area?

    I always see a dime sized circle in all the pictures, is that the actual target size?

    If you're standing and can't put your palm on your hip bone to look at the finger spread, how do you know where to inject?

    If you miss the target what's the worst that could happen, hit bone?


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    It's about the size of a quarter. It's also the safest site for deep IM. The worst the can really happen is hitting bone, there are no major vessels or nerves in the vicinity. Have a friend landmark it the first couple times and pay attention to where it goes. I found it as easy as the quads, and by far the least painful of any site both while injecting an pip.

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