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    cycle advice or critique

    5'7", low 13% BF was bulking now need to cut, 205ibs, starting low calorie deficit diet.

    cycle in mind looking to run Test Prop at 6-8wks
    wk1-6 Test prop 200mg/wk- 50mgEOD
    wk1-6 Tren ace 400mg/wk- 100mgEOD
    wk6-8 Test prop at 600mg/wk 150EOD just to run thru all my left over prop
    now heres where Im a little stuck deciding to run BD 50mg winstrol tabs
    wk1-7 winstrol at 50mg ED
    wk1-4 winstrol at 50mgED
    wk5-6 winstrol at 75mgED
    wk2-6 winstrol at 100mgED

    Ai- liquidex at .3EOD if needed bump to .5mg EOD if not .2mg ED since I wont be using Prami and wont have on hand if needed just order of the sponsor, never had prolactin problems in previous cycles of 19nors

    Previous compounds ran= Test Cyp, Test E, Test Prop, EQ, Deca , Tren A, winny oil based, anavar , Dbol , halo.

    previous winny was ran at 100mg E3D for 4 wks and had decent results no joint problem just drying on the inj spot and like a yellowing of the skin believe because of the drying.

    PCT- 2 days after last shot Hcg for ten days at 500iu ED then

    Nolva- 40/40/20/20/10

    clomid- 150/100/50/50 also im used to front loading clomid for the first 2 days at 300 first day and 200 day 2.

    inj sites- glutes, delts, and maybe quads, still researching the ventrugal site but still dont get it. maybe try out some chest and traps since im going to have to get used to it for next cycle planned.

    Please critique or some advice on the winstrol dosages.

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    also to add will be using clen wk3-5 at 100mcg ED and again once on pct start of nova/clomid, unless I order some keto/ T3 since I gave my bottle of T3 to my GF,
    then it will be 6-8wks of clen and 8wks of T3 at 100mcg ED.

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    Run the cycle 8 weeks and dont ramp the compounds.All you are doing in messing with your blood levels.This can cause unwanted sides.And your pct is the same no need to have clomind @ 150. And you dont run HCG for you pct you stop HCG with your cycle.

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    I agree with need to ramp anything. Pick your dose and run the full 8 weeks with both tren and prop. No need to ramp the winnie either...especially since you have run it before.

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