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    Question blood work after heavy cycle

    Hi guys. Posted this to bloodwork forum, but without any answer, so..

    This was my bloodwork from 6.6.2012:

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    On 31.10.2012 I finished 4 month long cycle.

    It started 1.7.2012 with 250mg Test E and 250mg Boldenone undecylenate every third day.
    After 2 months (on 1.9.2012) Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate was adden dosing 150mg every third day along with previous two.

    The end of the cycle started on 14.10.2012 (dropped boldenone), than week after that 20.10.2012 trenbolone was dropped and another week after testosterone enanthate was dropped.

    Afterwards I started "bridge" with 50mg test prop every other day and 30mg stanozolol (oral) every day (10mg 3x daily).

    Yestarday (20.11.2012) I payed my doctor a visit for bloodwork. I was mainly interested in Liver and Kidneys tests because of trenbolone and boldenone. Today the results has come and there are some increased values in S-AST, S-ALT and S-ALP is down a little:

    Attachment 129472

    I am using GHRP-6 with MOD-GRF which shouldn't interact with results in any way. But along I am using vitamin B6 (pyridoxín 100,0 mg), vitamin B12 (kyanokobalamín 1000 μg) and vitamin B1 (tiamín 100,0 mg) IM injection daily.

    Kidneys seen to be without any problem for what I am very happy, but... My question is, what do you think about raised Liver values? Should I be worried, or just add some flavobion (silymarin) and the values will get back to normal again? Thanks for help.
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