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    Enthante 500mg and 1000 Dbols?

    Iam going to start my enthanate cycle of 500 mg a week. Iam excitted but I just got 1000 dbols and now i can take as many as i want but are dbols as important as some say they are? are they as hurtful to my liver as they say they are and what is the best dosage of them for my cycle i was thinking 40mg a day for 4 weeks to jumpstart it and would it make any difference to do ot for 8 weeks or it wouldnt do anything?

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    i looked at your profile it says you are 5'11 235 if that is right then i recomend this
    week 1-4 d-bol 25 mgs ed no more than that
    week 1-10 or 1-12 test enth 500 mgs week
    you will and i said you will need some nolvadex before you start your cycle just in case you get gyno you will need some clomid post cycle
    to start your own test back up
    if you do not have all of this get it before you start i know you are wanting to start but there is no worst feeling in the world then to start your cycle and get gyno and go and look for some nolvadex and there is none if you have everthing you need when you start you will finish happy good luck bro

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