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    The Iron Game Guest

    Hello Guys - Im Back

    Just been speaking to Mike and he convinced me to get my ass over here I did and I must say this board is a massive improvement on the old one. I am not going to be spending as much time as I used to over here due to other commitments and so forth but I will be showing up from time to time to help out where I can and learn what I do not already know.


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    Mike Guest
    Oh goodness - please just don't ask me to teach you what you don't already know - I don't have that kind of time! lol

    Yeah the board is definitely getting better - thanks for taking your damn time!! No worries bout anything bro - I am happy to have whatever you take the time to contribute.

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    SwitchedOn is offline New Member
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    right on

    Good to see you got our backs here as well as EF. Good to see ya bro.


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    Over there.

    Re: Hello Guys - Im Back

    Originally posted by The Iron Game
    Hello Guys - Im Back

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    I'm still pissed off that you called me a fag. How'd you like a fist up yo ass? Huh?
    I'll stop that now. What's up?

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    The Iron Game Guest
    Hey SwitchedOn hows it going.

    Nathan, I have nothing against people for any reason unless they are doing bad and I dont consider you to do bad as its natural for some

    X Biker Pm for you

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    The Iron Game Guest
    oops, almost forgot you there Mike Im sure there is plenty you can teach me. How to grow with alcohol for example is just one that comes to mind

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    Mike Guest
    Oh you have no idea brother - we'll sit down and talk bout it over a nice glass of johnnie walker...

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    Hey Iron Game,

    I have a great alcohol stack that will dramatically increase the size of your abdomen BTW, you don't even need magic pills! I have years of experience in this field and would be happy to write you a good belly growing cycle


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