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    buying steroids on-line

    Now, before the monitors get concerned I'm not asking for specific labs or websites and contacts. Ive read the rules and respectfully want to ask one question. Has anyone had success purchasing on-line? Ive heard its very risky, buyer beware and gear is usually under-dosed. If Ive violated the rules sorry and flag my ass.

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    Why to risk it?

    I am sure there in a lot of guys at your gym that can get hold of gear!

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    To answer your question.

    Yes. If its your only result do your research on the seller.

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    It is basically the only option for alot of us

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    There are many legit online sources, just stay away from websites.

    I even prefer online because the guys at my gym pushing gear are idiots and I know they'd be the people to try and bring you down with them. Also, buying online is usually cheaper since your 'buddy' at the gym isn't adding an extra $20-30 bucks a vial for himself.

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    I have purchased from online sites twice now. I just wanted to try it out and I found that everything was under dosed. Its a little annoying. Some products are legit and some are garbage.

    My source buys online but its a private message board that they openly speak about the products they are all buying along with the guy making everything. I wish this asshole would let me get in on the board but I am sure its not easy bringing in new people.

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    Sorry but this is only going to,lead to source talk one way or another. Fishing is against the rules and I wouldn't take anyone's advice about an online source to risky, be warned if anyone pms you.


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