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    Is it OK to switch to Deca from EQ in the middle of my cycle?

    My buddy just had his shit seized, and I'm not sure if I can get the remainder of my EQ. (I had enough EQfor 12 weeks, but since I'm doing a low dosage cycle, I'm going to go a bit longer) So, he said he has some Deca on hand and though I know they are similar, I just wanted to get some advice. What can I expect?


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    big bump, i have been wondering the same thing

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    I believe you can expect 3-5 wks before it kicks in. Test is Test so being the same hormonal compound, it can carry over into each other. Thats a difference of esters. Deca and EQ while being similar, I don't think can "conjugate"

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    I agree with Pheedno. I would not want to add deca on to the end of a cycle for many reasons. End with winny or anavar instead.

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