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    Winstrol, Testosterona Propianate and Deca cycle...

    Hi there! I just got a hold of Norandren 200 (Deca ), Testosterona 50, and (what I hope is) Winstrol . Here's my question.....can I use all of these in a cycle? I was planning on taking one injection a week of 400ml Deca and every two days taking injectins of 100ml Testosterona 50 and 50 ml Winstrol.
    This would be my first cycle ever....any advice at all (even involving things like over the counter supplements) would be greatly appreciated!


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    Test, Deca , and Winny. Perfectly suitable cycle, especially for a first one. However I'm not sure about dosages with these particular AS's. Hopefully you'll get some advice.

    Good luck

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