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    Talking Ok..... I knew it was going to hurt, but this is ridiculous... I can barely walk

    Ok, I don't mind pain. In fact, it's telling me that the sust I shot into my leg is something more than vegetable oil. It hurts, but it makes me feel hardcore. It gives me a pump to go workout. It feels good...

    But that was yesterday. Today the subtle pain has diversified into a pain which can only be described as pulling the quadriceps in question and then having somebody pound it with a 2x4 for approximately 30 straight minutes. In other words I am feeling pretty disabled right now. And it's only getting worse.... this morning I could walk without limping. Now I can barely walk up and down stairs.

    I thinned the oil, I shot slow... I massaged for a good 10 minutes afterwards. So why does this make me feel like a parapalegic? I am not complaining though, like I said, I like the pain But why for pete's sake does sust hurt so much? Is it the prop in it or what? Also, would the 1" needles that I got for quads also suffice for glute shots? Or should I go back to the pharmacy and pick up some 1.5's...

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    What type of sust was it??

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    MY first sust shot killed for like 4 days, but they hurt less and less after a while...
    I used 23 gauge 1.5" pins

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