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Thread: Cleaning Gear??

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    Mike Guest

    Cleaning Gear??

    This was posted on Elite the other day and looks like an extremely inteligent idea - I would like to know how your results are for anyone that tries it. Props to Andy13 for posting.

    In-situ removal of benzyl alcohol.
    I would really like someone to try this... It's totally easy to do...

    Get at least a 5cc syringe. To 1ml of your T-400 (or whatever) solution, add 1ml of sterile oil or a lower concentrated AAS such as 50mg/ml EQ. This extra oil is added to prevent the steroid from precipitating (dropping out as a solid)

    Add 1ml of sterile water to the syringe and pull the plunger down so that there is some empty space in the syringe. Mix thoroughly by shaking for at least 30 seconds. Allow layers to separate, invert the pin so that it points down and push the water out.

    The BA will be taken out with the water.


    This would make sense as BA would much rather run with water than oil - Clevelandshark - YOU may want to try this out - I have seen you have had many problems with your T400 this may very well clear up

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    The Iron Game Guest
    I would like to add, Andy13 is nothing short of a highly educated monstrosity

    He is defintely the person to ask on any biological/scientifical/chemical questions that cannot be answered else where.


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    CYCLEON Guest
    yeah, too bad hes back in school now, bet his postings are going to slow down a bit. he isn always right but he comes up with all the right questions. a very smart fellow, indeed.

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    Has anyone used this method? Does it work? BUMP

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