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    Nandrolone following Dianabol

    Can I immediately follow a 7 week Dianabol cycle with Nandrolone or should I take a pause? Dianabol at 30-40mg per day for 7 weeks with one week off in the middle (travelling). Liver function is ok based on blood test although a little stressed. Taking testosterone cream.

    I know this isn't the norm but I'm looking for strength gains not hard core bodybuilding. But without screwing up the body.

    I'm 41 and around 210 lbs, 9% body fat.

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    Hold on a min. 1st of all 7 weeks of dbol is too much. Secondly You should start your deca and dbol at the same time that way the dbol can give you some gains while your waiting the 4 weeks for the deca to kick in.

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