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    Bunk or Real ? DK 300mg/10cc Deca no holograms

    Please advise if Denkall makes a 300 mg / 10cc Deca .

    No box or hologram....

    I have the opportunity to purchase, but according to sources and the Ausralian DK site...this is bunk.



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    Seems that this kind of deca is showing up mostly on the east coast. I have seen the same one. I noted a few problems, 1) metal crimp top was a bit crooked. 2) no hologram 3) crooked label. About the only thing that looked legit on the thing was the serial/Lot numbers DN14 Sept 04. It comes with a blue label white letters and the top is plain white. Metal on the top is plain aluminum colored. Since it yelled "fake" to me, I was able to switch it with some other real stuff my source had. If I have the opportunity, I will try to post pictures of it.

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