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    Question need to know if my Deca{NORMA} fake or real

    Been on 3 wks feel great getting sronger in gym.Much sronger today feeling pumped all day.I know the first two wks was all in my head but feel great. But with all the fake stuff out there still want to make sure.I am guesing i have the old NORMA bottles lables look great from what i see on this web sight,but the bottles i have don't have the etching under the lables.Like i said feel great,getting much sronger,gained 4 pounds so far.PLEASE HELP 1 st cycle.
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    I keep hearing about these "old bottles " with no stenciling or etching....they have had that stenciling or etching on the bottle for years now.

    Hope this link helps. There's tonnes of threads with this information in it too. Just do a search next time.
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