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    Critique my cycle

    Currently planning on starting 2nd cycle with the following in 2-3 weeks. Have almost all gear.

    400mg\wk Deca week 1-8
    500mg\wk test enan week 1-8
    400mg\wk EQ week 1-12

    Of course Clomid and Clen post cycle. Nolvadex on hand for Gyno..

    Deca is a first here and Have done EQ and Test 1st cycle and got between 7-10 lb gain with little or no sides.. got really vascular from the EQ though.. Worried about deca but need size.. Train like hell and eat like hell .. all clean too. Was thinking about Winny but didn't want to stack too much AS.


    Can't afford Deca D..K but the test should counter that YES?
    So should I throw in Winny and at what dose?
    Should I worry about DECA? and if so what are the alternative as far as bulk? Cannot do D-Bol (Out of the question)
    Need honest opinion guys..
    I'm 165 5'9 9-10% BF and 29 ben training over 2yrs..

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    Dont do deca and eq together it's a waste, pick which one you like. If you go with EQ run it at least 12 weeks which means you should bring your test up to 12 weeks also. If you want to add winny id do it weeks 8-12 at 50mg ED.

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    heres how id run it bro, no need for eq and deca ...Madmax

    test 500mg (1-12)
    eq 400mg (1-12)
    winny 50mg ed (10-15)

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