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    Insulin , more than 2 months????

    I have been on insulin for about 3 weeks now and getting really good results from it.
    But I have one question regarding one of the side of insulin, which is insulin dependency due to longer use.

    I have read that insulin has to be cycled, something like 2wks on and 2wks off in order to prevent pancreas to stop producing own insulin but some say that exogenouse insulin does not effect own production so it is no problem to take it as long as you want.

    I wonder if I keep taking insulin longer like 2month duration, do you think I can be insulin dependent diabetic?
    Does anybody have experience that taking insulin more than 2 months?


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    depending how often you use your insulin and how many iu's a day 2 months is fine the longest i have ever been on insuling was 3 months

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    in my opinion messing around with insulin levels is just plain crazy. Be careful bro, too much and you could become diabetic.

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    I have never heard of anyone becoming Insulin dependent for staying on too long of course you don't want to be the first. I wouldn't run it anymore then 12 weeks personally.

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    hey guys im insulin dependent and want to say I know of a few ppl that are now diabetic because of too much insulin use - I dont know exactly how much they took but IMO its not worth it

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