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    i am getting ready to do a cycle (MY first time with any steriod ) of winstrol and deca . my first question is there anything you can do to get the deca out of your system before 14 months. the second question is the 3 weeks short cycles safer and if so will the deca still be in your system for 14 months. lastly will the deca help with joint pain after you stop use. or will your joint pains come back

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    Mike Guest
    Joint pain will most likely come back unless you take steps against that with supps while on your cycle - no you cant get it out any sooner (well you CAN pass a test.....but you dont want to) and no a 3wk cycle is not a good idea and wont get outta there any sooner. did that answer it?

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    If your worried about drug test and only doing a three week cycle dont start. Relax keep going to the gym and wait until you have a space 8-12 wks long and then hit it hard

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    well mike left me with nothing to say

    3 week cycles are only for moderately advanced users who use short acting esters (prop, tren , suspension, etc.) and orals

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