I'm almost done with my Tren and test cycle. Last injection is tomm actually. Anyhow though, recently especially I've noticed something very strange. For weeks now (probably since mid cycle) I've had increased muscle spasms and cramps in places like my delt, bicep, hamstring, etc... usually they wouldn't be too bad though occasionally they would cramp up.

The last few days especially though I've noticed that I've been having a lot more cramps overall. I'll sometimes get a small leg cramp just bending over or something. Also yesterday my thumb started twitching. It persisted for like an hour before giving up. Now today it's at it again. I'm beginning to get worried, especially with this thumb twitching. I assume it will pass but I tend to be paranoid about things like this.

Anyways, my diet has been seemingly good. I try to eat balanced and I also take Orange Triad multi most days. I'm only on test prop right now. Also my water intake could be better, but I mean I drink enough of the stuff I think. I've definitely gone points where I've had a lot less water and never experienced muscle twitches like this. The cramps don't even bother me so bad, but this thumb spasming is freaking me out. It just keep involuntarily twitching. I might go get some bloods done at the dr soon (though I was preferably gonna wait till PCT). Hopefully this will just subside once I come off... but I'd like to know if anyone else has gone through something like this on cycle?