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    Post injection pain numbness/lightness--First cycle

    Sup guys

    I did some googling and could not find anything on post injection pain numbness, but I knew about PIP previously..

    So I made my second pin of Test E, followed proper preparation keeping everything sanitary.
    Injected into left deltoid and after removing the needle felt some numbness and pain at about a level 5 going down from my deltoid to the top of my hand. Almost feels like my forearm was massaged and my hand became relaxed. Right now just feeling like a light throb that comes and goes in my deltoid, the numbness/light feeling in my hand has subsided. Hand kinda feels relaxed.

    My first pin into my right deltoid went well, just the next day, I felt like a little circle of soreness around the injection site like if I had trained them.

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    Mine got sore some times too when I did the delt. Do you use the same needle as you draw with? You could have moved it around to much. But it kind of sounds like you might have hit a nerve. Never felt anything other than in the delt

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    oh, I used an 18g to draw and swapped to a 23g to pin. Yeah Im thinking it must have been a nerve too.
    well my delts are done for two weeks and will go to glutes, quads.

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    My guess is slight nerve damage.

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    Hit a nerve or tendon. Should pass.

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