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    Winstrol use for speed sports (sprinting and olympic weightlifting)

    Just looking for some feed back from athletes that have uses Winstrol for it's supposed benefits of increased speed in sports.
    What was the maintenance of gains if any? I have read various articles that suggest it works moderately well to very well however my "adviser" believes little to be gained from this drug even with the use of suspension.

    I have noticed the large amount of positive tests from sprinters and olympic weightlifters is with drug.

    All feed back is welcome.

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    hey, from what ive read it wont give you that much over oxandrolone (which is safer to use). stanzolol will stay in your system longer for testing and also cause more side effects. One is for example loss of liquid in the ligaments which i doubt youll like.

    ps. sorry i didnt reply on your last thread, when i was going to i couldnt find it anymore

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