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    Hoping For A Real 5 lbs Lean Muscle Gain....I'm I Overly Optimistic?

    I'm 41 years old. Been working out 10 years.

    5'10" and fluctuate between 190 and 195lbs (currently 193 lbs)

    Neck 16.5"
    Shoulders 51"
    Biceps 16.5"
    Chest 45"
    Waist 31"
    Hips 40"
    Quads 24" (measured midway between hip and knee...not at the largest part of leg).
    Calves 15"
    Wrist 7"
    Ankle 9"

    I used several calculators (novelty and not an exact science) and they computed that I am very close to my genetic max capability (if there's a such thing as a maximum) by my wrist and ankle measurements.

    411 gr carbs, 370 gr protein > 100 gr fat. Weight have stalled over the last 12 months. Have not gained any weight.

    Deadlift 395 5 reps
    Squat 305 10 reps
    Bench 230 10 reps

    Bench has stalled over the last 6+ months, but squat and deadlifts have been making continued and steady gains each month.

    Will run a test only cycle (my first cycle).

    Test E at 500 mg weekly for 12 weeks
    Have Armidex
    CLOMID and Nova for pct. Waiting for the HCG to arrive before starting. I know I can start now but I want everything in order.

    Do you all think 5 lbs of pure muscle can be achieved in this cycle? My profile picture shows what type of shape I'm in. I train hard and diet well. My ultimate goal is 200 - 205 lbs at 8% bf. I have no idea where my bf is now.

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    Yes, I believe you'll be able to gain 5lbs of muscles. One thing I've observed is that muscle gain is nearly always accompanied by small fat gain. I wouldn't worry about it. Go ahead and eat lean and make your gains. Then you cut.

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    5 lbs would be a lot, but very possible. Good luck.

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    Yes 5 lbs of muscle is quite a bit. Thanks guys. Once I start pinning I'll start a log here and keep you all updated to any gains I may make including pictures.

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    I'd drop your protein intake. No need for 370 grams.

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