View Poll Results: Do your gains plateau after 8 weeks?

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  • Yes I make most gains before 8 weeks

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  • You kidding? At 8 weeks things are just getting started!

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  • My gains completely plateau at 8 weeks

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  • My gains slow down a bit but I still make good progress after 8 weeks

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    Do your gains plateau after 8 weeks?

    According to Ronnie Rowland, anabolic steroids only work good from week 4-8, after that the gains plateau or slow down considerably, now I know Ronnie has many many years of experience with gear, but could this differ from person to person? Rich Piana also says that whatever your using will only work good for 6 weeks, then it's time to switch it up, and when he sees guys plan a cycle for 3 months with the same gear and dosages, he puts his hand to his face lol. Now I know for those who cycle it's more logical to extend a cycle to 12 weeks just cause your already shutdown and might as well get a little more and solidify your gains, but for those who blast and cruise, or those who don't come off after every cycle, are 8 weeks blasts ideal? What's your guys experience with gains after 8 weeks? Were talking about long esters here btw. Please share!

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    Biology is one of those things, where it's almost impossible to say something like that. Everyone's body responds differently to what you put into it. It's ignorant to say it's steroids stop gaining after 8 weeks. If that were true why would professional BB's run 16 - 18 week cycles? I'm sure those guys aren't just wasting thousands of dollars on 10 weeks of gear "just to take it" but on the same token, he might not respond well to it after the 8th week, the only way to find out is to run longer cycles after you know how your body reacts to short ones. And Im sure he's speaking on short Esters.

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    I've run one long, one short cycle. Ill be sticking to the short estered ones in the future unless frequent pinning is not an option. 7-8 weeks is right about optimal for me personally

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