Hey guys I'm new here so let me start off by posting my stats

about to turn 28
14% BF

was 242 two months ago lost almost 30lbs so far and plan on getting on a cycle in september when i get to around 200lbs

i did a cycle a few years ago w good results (195 8%BF) but i figured i would get a bit safer this time. let me start by telling u the cycle i plan on running

Sust250 mon/thur weeks 1-10
Tren200 mon/thur weeks 1-10
Var 30 ed weeks 1-11

HCG 2000iu EOD weeks 11-13
Clomid 100mg daily weeks 14-17
Nolva 40mg daily weeks 14-19
letro 1.25 twice a week weeks 11-21


1. I have some Dbol and was thinking about taking 15mg a day for weeks 1-4 as a jump start. Is this to much gear for only have taken two cycles in the past? before i only ran 200 mg tren a week now im doubling the dose.

2. Is this PCT overkill? Has anyone done HCG both before the test active life is done and after? for example for me durring week 10 instead of week 11 or 12?

3. anyone recommend any other supplements that would help my body from the abuse this cycle does to my body?

I appreciate u guys stopping by and reading and helping me out.