So, my last cycle ended last march (test/EQ) with good results that I kept.

But I also got pretty bad acne (I was acne-free before, but suffered a lot from it as a teenager) that just don't seems to get away.

My MD prescribed me benzoyl peroxide cream (5%) and I have been using this 3 times daily for about 3 months. It just doesn't work. I just read about Austinite's zinc B5 treatment and I started that 3 weeks ago. No signs of improvments (yet, maybe I need to wait longer...)

I am currently in-between cycles, doing a natural cut, but I will get back on cycle next september (again, Test/EQ). I plan to use accutane along with it, starting with a low dose.

So my question is: Should I start the accutane before my cycle to try to get as acne-free as possible, or should I just wait two months and the start?