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    Exclamation Puffy Nipples on Post Anavar Cycle! Help!

    I've recently made a Anavar only cycle. Even though many people seems to be against orals only cycles, I've heard anavar was probably one of the best to use without an injectable. I tried it at 60mg/day for 2 weeks then jumped at 80mg/day for 4 weeks. I gained a lot of vascularity at about week 3 but nothing incredible regarding strength or mass gains. I used Milk Thistle as a light liver support and keep using it until the end of the bottle. I am now on my 11th day of a 2 weeks PCT using Clomid at 75mg everyday. Overwall, I pretty much spent way too much for something not very effective. I will surely wait until I am 25 or more to start using testosterone and other injectables.

    Regardless the results : I decided to stop my use of Anavar on week 6 as I started getting tender nipples, especially the left one. I started my PCT 5 days after I've started feeling my nipples weird.
    As of now, my nipples look a little puffy but nothing dramatic. I have 2 small lumps behind each of them but I'm sure I had them before going on cycle, probably from puberty ; but my nipples looks puffy (Once again, especially the left).

    Should I wait until I have my PCT completed and wait a few more weeks? Get my hand on Nolvadex or some Raloxifene? Go see a doctor? I'm not feeling any low-test symptoms.

    Thank you very much!

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    You do not have puffy nipples from Anavar . Here are the possibilities:

    1. You're not on Anavar, you got some fake stuff/different compound.
    2. Check the material of shirts you're wearing. Try different shirts to see if it goes away.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for your knowledge Austinite. However, I am 100% sure my nipples are more puffy than they were before cycling. If I did have a different compound, it might have been an aromatising one.

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