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Thread: Went from Old Sust to New Sus on Week 9... PiP is on Next Level...

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    Went from Old Sust to New Sus on Week 9... PiP is on Next Level...

    Ok so this is my first cycle

    so far I have been doing 1ml of Sustanon every Monday and Thursday for 8 weeks

    I am 30 years about 5'6 or 5'7

    I've been training for about 3 years on & off due to 3 arthroscopic surgeries on my elbow 2 Left elbow & 1 in the right which set my back in the process of recovery

    Before I started my cycle I was 150lbs now I am 165 1/2lbs

    I have been taking Arimidex and my HCG accordingly as well... so far my Testicles are fine and normal and Now I am showing signs of acne on my shoulders

    and I have my PCT on deck to take 3 weeks after cycle as well

    other than that I am fine as far as I can tell...

    My question is my first 8 weeks i have been doing a specific brand of Sustanon and now i have ran out

    and I have another 2 bottles of Sustanon for back up but they are a total different brand

    so i injected into my qauds on my right leg on monday 2ml and Holy Shattt my leg is sooo sore i can barely walk

    so i decided to keep it at 1ml and do the other Qaud on thursday and same thing really sore but not as bad as my right and today is Friday and legs are still killing me

    I can barely walk down stairs it looks like I Had a Hardcore leg day this week everyday of the week

    I'm Beginning to get a little concerned...everything was fine until this Other brand of Sust...

    the PiP is just aittle to raw that I may not even finish my 10-12 week cycle now because i am not sure if i trust this new Sus...

    Any suggestions, comments, questions or concerns are appreciated

    Thank You very much

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    Some oils have bigger PIPs than other!

    Dont be a woss and finish your 12weeker!
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    Not being a Woss... This Pip has really Got me Not able to Walk n Stuff...

    I want to Finish up to my 12th week... But if its like this i might not be able work out when I do my delts and glutes...

    This shit leaves you very Very Sore... WTF ?

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