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    First Cycle Advice

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    I would like to gain 5 to 10 pounds of solid muscle just to fill out my frame more. I really preferred to gain a lot of strength because in the sport that's all really require. I'm very very very new to the steroids I have been doing some research for abt six- eight months now. I been reading a lot of forms and a lot of information is been passed around back and fort so I'm really not very comfortable yet with any Decisions
    So my million dollar ?'s
    1. What steroids should i buy
    2. When should i take them Day/Wk
    3. And PCT Day/Wk

    And i would like to thanks anyone who happily give me any type of advice I really do appreciate it and once again Thanks and have an wonderful rest of ur day

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    Welcome. You still have much more to learn if you don't know that the first steroid to use always is Test. you haven't studied the steroid profiles if you don't know what esters to use and that will decide week, EOD or ED. Please get more educated at a least what I have said. I will just get out of here and leave you to the other members in the know. Frustrated...crazy mike

    PS: I'm sorry to be harsh. There are many good people who will give you directions as to things to read. Good Luck and hang in here. crazy mike
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    This could keep you busy for another couple months but there's an unbelievable amount of damn good information:

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