Hi guys,

I'm coming off of a slight wrist injury (strained tendon in right wrist) and I've decided to start a cutting/muscle gain cycle (to begin in 4-6 weeks) now that I'm pretty much 100% healed. I had wanted to run HGH for a while but after analysis and a difficult time sourcing it, I just decided to restart my idea.

My previous cycle worked very well for gaining size/strength (Test/Deca ). But I'd like to thin down my body fat (with my diet as well) on this one, but still gain a fair amount of muscle. The initial cycle set up is not my original idea, but a take off of another members results. (Not like cycles are trademarked, just mentioning). I really liked his results and thought the cycle would match well for me.

Before going any farther, I think it's important to state my goals, so any advice would be for the betterment of attaining those goals, rather than just advice without direction.

Current stats: 6"2" 195-200lbs 14% BF
GOAL: 220lbs and under 10% BF (shooting for 7-9%)

Calorie intake stands around 3,500 with the current workout program I'm doing. Can increase or decrease for cycle. Diet is mostly clean. I do have a cheat day about once a week. I take Lean Complex for protein daily. Two shakes/1 scoop each along with Pep-Bonded glutamine. Averages 130g/per day from shakes alone. Will bump up during cycle.

Lots of cardio at the moment. Running 2-3 miles every other day. But will increase that back to 3-5 every day. Swimming when I can (Nothing like I used to). Mostly light-medium weight workouts with a heavy emphasis on pushups, pull ups, sit ups and squats. "military" style workouts focusing on the basics. Strength training is again, kept to a basic level right now. Bench, dumbbells, tri-dips, overheads, ect. With the new cycle, I'm looking to increase the tempo back to how I used to work out about two months ago before my slight wrist injury. (If not harder given the extra "energy" I'll be having.)

I'll just go ahead and list out everything and if there are any changes that should be made such as pinning EOD or amount of mg for the week, please let me know and I'll look into changing it if need be. Some things like HCG will be added for PCT and such.

Test CYP - 800mg a week. 400mg Mon/Thurs - 12 weeks
Tren Acetate - 400mg a week. 200mg Mon/Thurs - 10 weeks
Anadrols - 50mg a day for first 30 days
Winny - 50mg a day for last 5 weeks

As for PCT, I keep hearing Nolvadex and Clomid are good to run for this type of cycle. (unsure on dosage and such, so please inform me!!) Also, as for HCG during and post cycle, how should I run it?

If there's anything else I should run with this, please let me know. I'm not "all knowing" or anything close to it and I appreciate constructive criticism. This stuff isn't anything to mess around with and I'll take all the advice I can get. Thanks everyone!

- M