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Thread: tren test blend

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    tren test blend

    Just wanting to know if anyone has any experience with this product: RapidteX from Biosira.
    Substance: Drostanolone Propionate 75mg, Trenbolone Acetate 75mg, Testosterone Propionate 75mg.

    was planning on ED 1ml for 50 days.
    My last cycle was for 6 months, 1000mg test C and 800mg deca per week, twice weekly injects. It doesn't seem as if 375mg test prop will do much for me after running 1000mg a week? am I wrong?
    I am thinking I need more test, but I always think I need more test. I have never done prop, and have read it may be stronger. any helpful advice would be appreciated,

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    800mg of deca ew with 1000mgs of test, did you have any progesterone issues? I did and had major joint pain for months after coming off the deca. As far as the test amount, depends how long you have been off and what your looking to get out of the cycle. How about putting up some pics, like to see how far along you are with your physique, see if it warrants big cycles?

    Disclaimer-BG is presenting fictitious opinions and does in no way encourage nor condone the use of any illegal substances.
    The information discussed is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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    You ran that for 6 months straight? What in the...

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    Posting your cycle history would help.

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    must of meant 6 weeks, unless his had a triple bypass since then

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