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Thread: Test, tren, eq or mast help

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    Test, tren, eq or mast help

    I'm planning my 4th cycle. This will b my 2nd tren cycle. I am 5'11" 205lb about 14bf. Goal is to lean bulk possibly get to 220 and down to 11-12bf.

    Last time I did a 7 weeker with 200 test p n 400 tren a.

    I got a bit lethargic n appetite was a bit down as far as sides. What was worst was pinning Ed.

    I was thinking if running the same cycle but adding mast e or eq( actually boldelone cypionate ) at roughly 500mg

    I heard mast is almost unnoticeable visually over 10bf n eq doesn't affect a lot of people yet I've had a few buddies run eq and loved it n stayed extra hungry.

    Cycle would run as
    1 to 14 test e 250
    1 to 12 tren e 500
    1 to 12 bold cyp OR mast e 500
    1 to 4 dbol 50

    Any suggestions or critiques? Mast or eq? Or both worthless with tren? What are your guys' opinions?

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    BF too high for Mast, Im also about to run a test,tren ,EQ cycle so you know my answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiralkut
    BF too high for Mast, Im also about to run a test,tren ,EQ cycle so you know my answer
    Eq sucks. It's a lot of extra oil just to mess up your bloodwork. If you need help eating, get some ghrp instead.
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    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that whole EQ appetite thing is a myth. Maybe there is some scientific evidence to back it up, but I've found that when I'm stuffing myself every two hours, my stomach stretches, I digest, and I'm hungry again in another two hours. For me, If I'm eating alot, I don't need anything to increase my appetite. Thats on any compound I've used. But thats just me. Everybodys different. If you didn't like the sides from Tren Ace at 400mg, I don't think it'd be a good idea to up it to 500 mg a week with Tren E.

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    I'd go with the mast, but you'll need to get the bodyfat down before you start.

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    Either Mast or just the test/tren .

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