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    Super tired on test e var cycle

    Ello all! I'm on week 5 of test e and var cycle.

    Week 1-4 was test e at 300 a week.
    Week 5-8 I'm jumping to 500
    Week 8-10 back to 300.

    Var at 60mg a day thru out.
    Arimedex .25 eod thru out.
    Clomid for pct 50/50/50/50

    Its my first week on 500mg test and I'm so tired with no energy!! Wtf? Raise the Ai? I dunno please help

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    Anavar does that to me also. You can try upping the Adex .5 eod lower anavar a bit. Best bet is blood work to see where you are at.

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    I also went through a week or so of super tired and drained while on test and var ...I was doing 50mg of VAR, it passed after a week ...probably just your body trying to balance out...

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    Why are you altering the dosing of Test so much? Fluctuations in hormone levels aren't going to help lethargy. Next time, try using Aromasin instead of Arimidex at 12.5mg ED, that could help.

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