Hey guys here it goes. this is my first cycle ever. competed for the first time in an all naturaL show 45 days ago and came in flat in mens physique. still placed second but the competition was terrible. so here i am. 37 pounds heavier 45 days later with some fat on me but strength gains and mass is coming fast.

im currently in week 5.

weeks 1 and 2: 600 mg test cyp a week
80mg anavar ed

Weeks 4-10: 600 cyp and 100mg anavar ed.
need help with pct!

strength and mass gains are amazing. up from 4% body fat to about 12%. back eating real clean again now and starting to do cardio 4 times a week . i know how to eat i just went balls out for a month. going to keep it around 2900-3400 calories a day under 100 grams of fat and around 300-350 protein while keeping carbs under 250 grams. should lean out real nice with this. iwas doing 5000 ridiculous calories a day for about a month lol.

while cutting for the contest my strength was shot. could barely benchpress 80 pound dumbells.

NOW: dumbell incline press 120 for 10
dumbell shoulder press 100 for 8
dumbell curls 70 for 8
calf raises on hack squats 9 plates plus 4 35s on top for 5 set of 15
leg press 7 plates for 10
weighted pullups 80lb for 8
wide grip pullups 40 in first set.
working on my legs hard they were a weak point as i wore board shorts for show.
my current split is:
chest, tris abs
back bis calves
shoulders hamstrings traps
quads abs forearms
triceps calves

i eat 7 or 8 times a day consisting of mostly whole food a couple of shakes to get the protein in.
bananas for the cramping
chicken lean beef salmon tilapia lamb pork tuna etc
oatmeal lots of sweet potatoes
broccoli zucchini lettuce
eggs egg whites
no dairy!

bsn bcaa's, fish oil, multi, liver care, new chapter joint health, milk thistle.

1.5 to 2 gallons of water a day. crystal light sometimes.
im 5'8".5 197lb right now. would like to be a shredded 185!
i get cramps easy and headaches from the var but other than that and being a bit snappy things are okay. sex drive is still great. thank you test.

here are a few before and currents pictures. please critique my post and help with pct.
my test cyp and anavar cycle diet and stats-114.jpgmy test cyp and anavar cycle diet and stats-078.jpgmy test cyp and anavar cycle diet and stats-029.jpgmy test cyp and anavar cycle diet and stats-043.jpgmy test cyp and anavar cycle diet and stats-050.jpgmy test cyp and anavar cycle diet and stats-079.jpgmy test cyp and anavar cycle diet and stats-098.jpg